About Me

Jelaine's passion for interior design began as a small child. Memories stem back to being a kindergartner and watching her childhood home go through an extensive remodel and addition. She has fond memories too of herself and her sisters moving around furniture and accessories to "surprise" the parents when they returned home. And decorating for all the different holidays through-out the year..... It was all good FUN!

In 1995, after achieving a BAA from Central Michigan University, she relocated to Sterling Heights Michigan and began her interior design career as a sales associate for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Detroit. During her 11 years there she acquired her CQRID certification and held various positions: Store Designer, Assistant Manager and Store Manager. In the retail setting, sales and design experience afforded Jelaine the opportunity to work with over 10,000 different clients of varying scale; differing in budgets, styles and scopes of projects.

In 2005 she and her husband started a family and Jelaine started her own Interior Design studio.

Jelaine Christine was formed...... over 15 years in the Interior Design business and it's still as fun and fabulous as ever. As the saying goes..."Time flies when you're having fun", right?!

Jelaine loves what she does and states that her passion for design is a true calling for creating spaces for families and individuals to enjoy. "It's not just the process of transforming a space...it's more than that, it can transform a person's attitude, outlook, perspective and purpose in life. It really has the ability to make a person live, feel and be; more, different, and better than they were before."